“When seeking your destiny - Look inward, not out.”

Your Enneagram type is the key driver to why you do what you do. Take the FREE simplified Enneagram Personality Test to determine your core self.

What is The ENNEAGRAM?

The Enneagram is a personality framework that can help you see yourself at a deeper, more objective level through the study of your subconscious fears and motivations instead of external behaviours.

Basically, by determining your underlying fears and desires, you can understand why and how you got to where you are today, as well as identifying key triggers to spark the change you need in your life.

There’s no Enneagram type that is more superior than the other - the personality test serves to describe the mentality you choose to adopt to survive in this world. When you truly study your own Enneagram type, you will unlock your destiny as you master your inner self.

As of today 893,004 tests have been taken so far!

Many people have benefited from The Enneagram to transform their work, family, and intimate relationships – and to deepen their understanding of themselves. You’re next!


“I’ve never felt more confident than now - it’s amazing to know that there is a life path mapped out for me according to my unique personality type. I made the bold move to switch careers after 10 years. Absolutely no regrets!”


Type 6, The Strategist


“Thanks to my comprehensive report, I was able to identify all my self-sabotaging behaviours. My marriage has improved greatly, and I feel a kind of satisfaction I’ve never experienced before.”


Type 4, The Artist


“Can’t speak for anyone else but for me, my self-discovery journey is an emotional one. I wish I had knew about the Enneagram earlier; it would have saved me from so much heartbreak from all my failed relationships and friendships.”

Type 2, The Caregiver

The Team Behind Innercle

Innercle is founded by Samantha Lorine, a certified counselor and Enneagram personality researcher. Innercle currently employs 25 staffs, including a team of 7 personality studies experts who are trained to incorporate the latest advances in psychoanalysis.

The Enneagram is one of the longest standing personality types throughout history. The work we do at Innercle aims at refining and combining modern psychology and sociology concepts that result in highly accurate testing techniques.

So, Which Enneagram Type Are You?

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