Enneagram in Team Building: 4 Practical Ways To Strengthen Your Team With Enneagram

Team building is imperative in determining the success of a company. Without a proper team that synergizes well together, it’s only a matter of time until your team falters in the face of crisis and fall apart. 

Enneagram can help you build a team that works effectively together. It’s an ancient 9-point system that puts people in nine distinct personality types. No personality type is inherently better than the other, even though it might feel like it. The unique thing about Enneagram is its focus on the dynamics of life. Not only does it provide a comprehensive profile of your employees, but it also takes into account the growth and regression of your employee’s types, as well as the complex motivations behind their actions.

Some personality types complement each other, while others can’t get along with anyone at all. Like in real life, your team is bound to consist of a mixture of types that might not be the best fit for each other. Instead of wasting their potential, you can incorporate Enneagram into your team building program. Having an objective insight into who your employees are is an advantage of traditional businesses that only care about worker productivity. Using Enneagram conveys to your employees that you care about who they are and what makes them happy, which in turn, helps you run a tighter ship. 

There are many ways to utilize Enneagram in your business without overhauling all the processes you already have in place. Here are some of the ways to improve team relationship by using Enneagram as well as the benefits it gives you. 

1. Use your employee’s Enneagram profiles to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses

Imagine this. You know that you’re great with numbers, and you’d do a damn good job in any task that demands calculation. But for some reason, your boss puts you in the public relations team, where you can’t do what you’re best at. How does that make you feel?


Employees disengage with their companies and jobs because they don’t feel like they’re utilized properly. This causes them to lose motivation and stop giving a crap about how they do their job. Low morale is detrimental towards dissolving good team dynamic. So if you want to motivate your team to do better, the first thing to do is to determine what your employees are good at. 

Getting an Enneagram assessment is a simple way to get started. It comprises all the details you need to know about your employees: their strengths and weaknesses, how they respond to stress, and so on. By first understanding what drives your employee, you stand a better chance of putting them into their ideal positions. This could also help you adopt a more hands-off approach since employees with leadership types like Ones or Threes can help you manage your team. 

2. Adopt a communication strategy that suits your employees’ Enneagram type when resolving conflict

Sometimes conflict arises simply because people aren’t aware of themselves. Sometimes it can be an issue of miscommunication. Regardless, getting an accurate Enneagram assessment can help you overcome conflict within the team. 

As we’ve mentioned before, some types don’t work well with others. But how? Learning about your employees’ Enneagram types is highly beneficial because it helps you pinpoint the exact issues and point of friction within your team. For example, Ones often have trouble with other people not living up to their sometimes ridiculously high standards. Fours might focus more on internal emotions instead of rational ways of working, which can irritate logical Fives. Learning about how different types clashes with one another help you pre-empt potential conflict. Better yet, you can coach your employees to be aware of their own shortcomings and their role in creating conflict so that they catch themselves next time. 


People often think about conflict in a negative light. But conflict doesn’t have to be destructive. When conflict is handled right, it can be a learning opportunity for everyone involved. The key is to communicate it correctly to all parties. You can get your point across better if you’re communicating with your employees’ preferred way of communication. This way, feelings don’t get hurt and we’ll all come out of the conflict as a stronger team. 

3.  Cultivate shared values within the group

People spend a significant amount of time with the people they work with. Over time, individual goals and group goals change. Their team dynamic and interpersonal relationship changes as well. So how do you keep your team strong when group dynamic is so volatile?

By cultivating a set of shared values.


Teams don’t start out great. When you put a bunch of people with different goals and ideas together, there’s bound to be trouble in the beginning. It’s a bit of a cliché, but teams are strong because they contribute towards a common goal. For some employees, contributing to the company’s quarterly income isn’t reason enough to invest more effort into work.

Cultivating a set of shared values and goals that resonate with your team is a great practice to make your team the best in the company. You can understand what your employees want from life through a thorough Enneagram analysis. From there, you can start creating and nurturing shared values among team members, no matter how different they are.

4. Promote self-awareness 

Enneagram also helps you explore the ‘why’s of human behavior. Why did Bob turn silent when more than 2 people are talking at the same time? Why can’t Sarah focus on a task for more than three hours even though it’s urgent? Answering these questions help you gain a deeper understanding of your team’s behaviors, which will help you manage and build a better team.  

It doesn’t only help you gain awareness; it helps your employees on a personal level as well.


Enneagram is a great tool to help your employees deepen their understanding of themselves and their peers. Being self-aware helps them correct undesirable behaviors. This not only makes them a better person, but it also helps strengthen the team overall.

What do you think about our tips for team building based on Enneagram? Have you ever adopted a similar approach? Let us know in the comments below!

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