Your Personal Challenges, As Told By Your Enneagram Type

The only use of an obstacle is to be overcome. All that an obstacle does with brave men is, not to frighten them, but to challenge them. – Woodrow Wilson

To live life as a human is to face adversities revolving around our identities and lives. No matter how great an environment you were born into, a smooth-sailing, happy life isn’t possible without putting some work into it. But how do you put work into something you might not be able to identify?

Enneagram is the culmination of centuries of research into human nature. It categorizes every person on earth into 9 distinct types – each with their fears, strengths, weaknesses, and drive. It proposes that your personality doesn’t represent your true self. You need to grow so that you can release your true self within your current self. With new possibilities and knowledge gained from studying Enneagram, you’d be able to propel yourself towards living your best potential. 

As you read through the list below, don’t be afraid to reach out to within yourself and see your behaviors for what they truly are. Growth can only start from acknowledgment. There’s no shame in admitting to yourself what you’re weakest at. Only then can you start growing into a healthy person with no limit to what you can do. 

Type One: The Perfectionist

You’re the person everyone wants in a group assignment. You’re meticulous and careful, often coming up with the best way to do things. When you’re committed to a task, you give it your all – it’s your baby and you’ll make damn sure that it’s the best anyone has ever seen. 


Your challenges: Because you’re such a perfectionist, you’re prone to procrastination. When you get stuck at difficult dilemmas, you would try your hardest to solve it. But when that doesn’t happen quick enough, you tend to procrastinate and put it at the back of your mind for the moment. While others would normally discuss their dilemmas with others, you have a deep distrust towards other people. What if they don’t do a good job? What if they screw you up? Like all Body types, you’re concerned with controlling the environment. When you lose control, you default to your natural center of emotion – anger. You’re angry at other people for not doing things perfectly, and yourself for allowing it to happen. 

Type Two: The Caregiver

Everyone around you enjoys the warm energy you give you. Your philosophy in life is to help every person you can. You’re highly attuned to the needs of others and you would give an arm to help someone if you could. 

Your challenges: Have you ever wondered why you’re so eager to lend a hand to someone when they need it? Deep down, you believe that you have to give to get. To be worth someone’s time, you have to give something back. As a result of this, your self-esteem depends on how much approval you get. Nobody dislikes a generous soul, you reasoned. Your challenge is to overcome this excessive dependence on approval and start taking yourself into consideration. 

Type Three: The Medalist

Your life’s been so awe-inspiring that people make you their goal. This stems from your need for validation and achievements. You have – or striving towards – everything you’ve ever wanted in your life. You’re resilient and relentless, just like all the great champions in the world. 


Your challenges: You struggle with being overworked. All your accolades didn’t come unearned. For every medal that you receive – in the workplace or in your personal life – you earned. You work hard and just wouldn’t give up until your goals are achieved. Although you’d like to think of yourself as Ironman, human bodies just don’t work like that. Before you know it, you’ll end up burned out and tired, with dark emotions that you can’t tolerate creeping up on you. When you’re healthy, you’re alright with receiving feedback and criticism. But when you’re struggling with being overworked, you don’t have the mental capacity to deal with negative criticism. Eventually, you’ll break down in your pool of negative emotions, unable to stand up tall and strong for a while. 

Type Four: The Artist

Your eye for beauty makes you a great appreciator and creator of beauty. Other people love talking to you about their deepest emotions and fears. Who can blame them? You’re empathetic and great with sorting through emotions.

Your challenges: Not a lot of people know this, but the reason for your superior emotion managing skills is because of your often-darker emotions. Because of this, Fours are prone to brooding and wallowing in negativity. You don’t really want that, but it’s easier to dwell than to sort through the immensely complicated emotions. A lot of the times, you feel like you can’t connect to other people. It might be due to your own over-indulgence of yourself. Being surrounded by an aura of darkness not only creates a barrier between yourself and others, but it also makes it difficult for you to be present. You can’t forge a meaningful connection with other people without being present.

Type 5: The Detective

Your logical thinking and great affinity for deduction is your crowning glory. You’re rarely rattled by what’s going on around you. Instead, you observe calmly and absorb as much as you could. This and your superior intellect help you make decisions that further your cause, whatever that may be. 

Your challenges: One of your biggest hurdles in life is your tendency to value data and knowledge over human emotions. Impersonal data and knowledge are comfortable to you precisely because they aren’t personal – there are no emotions involved. In an emotionally-charged situation, you’d prefer to remove yourself from that situation and not be involved at all. Heck, you’d rather your own emotions not intrude on yourself.  

Type 6: The Strategist

You prize connections and relationships above all. And you do a great job of it. Your perceptive nature helps you build a network of trust among people, even complete strangers. Other people feel welcome with you and they’d count you among their closest friends. 


Your challenges: While you’re an expert at making other people feel safe and loved, it’s a different case for yourself. You detest uncertainty, so as soon as something unexpected happens, you feel like your world is falling apart. Your biggest challenge is to deal with uncertainty in a healthy way. More often than not, Sixes deal with uncertainty by cutting ties with the cause of their uncertainty or projecting their feelings onto other people. This damages the human connection that you try so hard to forge and it makes you feel crap about yourself as well. Remember that it’s normal to feel anxious. Just don’t make it other people’s fault. 

Type Seven: The Explorer

Your life is made up of a slew of adventures and experiences. When other people are around you, there’s no end to the stories you can tell. You focus your energy onto the positive possibilities available in life. Your optimism and fun-loving nature make you one of the most popular people to be around.

Your challenges: By now, you must have realized that a bulk of your passion projects end up being abandoned. Your impulsiveness is the beginning of many exciting stories, but it’s also why you feel like you’re not going anywhere in life. This impulsiveness also serves as a distraction. When you’re constantly distracted by cool, shiny things, you don’t have to dwell on the deeper, darker side of things. 

Type Eight: The Fighter

Whenever someone needs a champion, you’re there. You’re just and confident, which is why you have no qualms fighting for the rights of others. You don’t believe in words; you believe that actions are always more powerful.

Your challenges: You shield your vulnerability with strength and power. Because of this, you might come across as aggressive and domineering despite not feeling that way. Your challenge is to take note of how you come across to other people. We know you don’t particularly care, but being tough is hindering your ability to connect with others and to truly address your vulnerability. Under pressure, your toughness might prevent you from seeing the objective truth. If you don’t address it, you’ll soon find yourself turning into the very entity that you oppose – a dictator.

Type Nine: The Diplomat

At your best, you bring peace to the world. You’re great at understanding what other people need from each other and mediate a win-win solution for everyone. You’re diplomatic and accepting, which makes everyone turn to you when they have problems – a blessing and a curse.

Your challenges: You often find it difficult to stand out, nor do you want to. But this affects more than just your physical self when you blend into the background. When you’re personally involved in a conflict, you’d often put your needs behind everybody else’s while trying to mediate. Soon, you’d start forgetting what you stand for and just go along the flow. The problem is Nines are motivated by anger. Even though you’ve forgotten about your agenda, this feeling of anger never dissipates. To deal with the negativity, you numb out and shut out everything in the world. You have to break the perpetual cycle and take charge of your life. That’s your challenge.


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