Your Personal Strengths, Based on Your Enneagram

Instead of focusing on what needs to be fixed, we’re celebrating your greatest strengths based on your Enneagram today. 

Too often in life, we put our weaknesses under a microscope and beat ourselves up. Too often, we think to ourselves, “what’s wrong with me?” Growth isn’t just about improving your vices; it’s also about acknowledging and harnessing your strength. When you acknowledge both the good and the bad sides of yourself, you stay grounded. As you give yourself more credit, you’ll improve your confidence. This subsequently changes how you view and react to life. Trust us, this changes the whole narrative of your story. 

Enneagram offers guidance in not only pinpointing your problem areas, but you can also use it pinpoint your strengths. It offers the irrefutable truth from an objective perspective – something that we sorely need from time to time. But first, you must determine your Enneagram type. Then, you can start celebrating your wins. 

Type 1: The Perfectionist

Your strength lies in your incredible ability to see the potential of the world. 

You’re always able to envision a more beautiful future despite how murky the situation is. Because of how visionary you are, people would follow you to the ends of the world. Your moral compass guides your visions and fuels your righteousness. People know that if they follow you, they’d be pretty much following the right path.

Talks of the promised world don’t result in the ideal world; hard work does. You understand this and you work your butt off to make that a reality. Some might criticize you for being a perfectionist, but you know that greatness requires precision. To be honest, that’s why everyone looks up to you as a leader – you’re righteous, organized, and hardworking. 

Type 2: The Caregiver

People are somehow still surprised when you produced the fifth bottle of water from your purse after a crazy night out. You’re extremely intuitive, especially when it comes to the needs of others. This sense of service feeds you and gives you the motivation to give more to the world. Some people suspect that you have an ulterior motive, but for the most parts, you just want to form connections with people through little acts of kindness. 


Your warm and caring aura attracts people to you. Your compassion makes you the first person anyone calls after a rough day at work. Empathy is basically your middle name. As you get more in touch with yourself, you learn to lend a helping hand without sacrificing yourself. At your best, you shower everyone with genuine appreciation and acknowledgment. You see everyone for the good they are and you show everyone ways to become more open and caring. You just make the world a better place. 

Type 3: The Medallist

If anyone were to describe you with an object, it would be the medal cabinet. Throughout your whole life, you strive to catch up with your ambition. You’re highly driven and competent, often achieving anything you put your mind to. You know how good it feels to achieve greatness and to contribute to the world.

One of your purposes in life is to inspire and motivate others. And you do a damn good job of it, given how successful your life is. People look up to you as a role model. You’re not stingy with your advice, either. Given the opportunity, you’d mentor anyone that seeks it. Your energy and enthusiasm for anything you do make you a game-changer. No matter what you do in life, you’re always 110%.

Type 4: The Artist

Your biggest asset is your eye for beauty. No kidding, you stand out for your aesthetic sensibilities and creativity in any artistic endeavor you decide to dip your toe in. You can sometimes struggle with feeling belonged. But this is only because you’re so fiercely independent. You believe yourself to be unique and one-of-a-kind, which is often the case because of your artistic abilities.


Out of all the Enneagram types, you’re the most emotionally honest. You’re not afraid to delve deep into yourself and truly look at your dark side. You’re also not afraid to share your findings to the world. Whenever someone asks, you’re always open to share your innermost, darkest feelings with them. More than any other types, you’re painfully aware of your own personal shortcomings. This just makes you want to delve deeper and figure out what the issue is. Because of this, you’re able to deal with darker emotions that no other types can handle.

Type 5: The Detective

Other people call you a loner, but you know that you have a higher calling. As an avid lover of knowledge, you strive to absorb everything you can about the world. You love knowing about the world – what everything does, how they do it, and how it could help change the world.

Your inquisitive nature and great observation skills make you an awesome detective. You spend a lot of time observing the world. Because of this, you catch a lot of things that other people miss. You know that overturning new ideas are ventures that are worth exploring, so when you stumble upon new territory, you immerse yourself in research. Of course, learning about the world is so much easier with your intellect and your ability to draw parallels between different concepts. At your best, your profound perceptiveness could change the world that we know. 

Type 6: The Strategist

No matter what happens, your friends know that you’ll be there for them through thick and thin. You’re the type that holds on to longer and more lasting relationships than others. You’re also the type that’s consistent in what you believe in, which makes you instantly more likable to everyone. 


Your desire to bond with everyone creates a trusted network of support system for everyone you know. You’re the bridge that brings everyone together. Because you’re so good at fixing things before they’re broken, your insight is invaluable to everyone who’s making a big life decision. Despite that, everyone knows that you treat others as equals and would not look down on them. This contributes to your goal of creating a supportive squad and helps you entice strong emotional responses from other people. At your best, you’re endearing and loveable, independent yet interdependent. People just love you. 

Type 7: The Explorer

Needless to say, your fun-loving nature draws people to you. With everything you do, you proceed with such passion and enthusiasm that other people can’t help but be influenced by you. You’re the very definition of good vibes.

You do tend to dart from one thing to the other, one idea to another. But that’s just because there’s so much to do in the world! Your curiosity and openness to the world put you in pretty sticky situations sometimes, but you’re the best storyteller anyone knows precisely because of this. You’re not fussed with details since the bigger picture is always more appealing. Because of this, people know to trust your judgment when they get pigeonholed into their narrow perspectives. As you grow into your best self, you’d become deeply appreciative of all the experiences that you’ve had and project this aura to other people. 

Type 8: The Fighter

You’re a doer, not a talker. With everything you’re involved with, you go into with vigor and purpose. Some might say that you bully them into submission, but that’s because few can hold up against your confidence. Your passion for righteousness paired with your action-oriented mindset makes you a fearsome advocate for underdogs. 

You’re a tough mentor since you like giving other people challenges to overcome. You truly believe that overcoming challenges is like shedding your skin and metamorphosing into a beautiful butterfly. Willpower and persistence are your best friends; you understand that these qualities are essential to positive change. You also understand that you have to make certain sacrifices to promote change. All these qualities make you a formidable leader. People really don’t want to be on your bad side. 

Type 9: The Diplomat

Your ultimate quest in life for harmony and balance makes you the best mediator the world has to offer. No matter the conflict presented in front of you, you’d always find a way to make it a win-win situation for everyone. Because of this affinity, you bring people together and you find ways for people to co-exist peacefully. 


Your connection with the universe and the cosmos gives you access to spiritual enlightenment that other types might not even be aware of. Due to this, you’re often able to provide spiritual insight that helps other people understand different facets of themselves. You’re often able to look into other people and see their true self and intentions. You’re like a great river – giving a nudge to stones that need to be overturned, flowing in a constant stream of consciousness. At your best, you’re incredibly attuned to your instincts and your inner spirit guide, making you the most present, open, and peaceful person to ever walk the earth. 

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