A Quick Breakdown of Numerology: Life Path Numbers, Master Numbers, Forecasting

Numerology is a number system that allows the person to gain an understanding of their purpose in life. It’s a system that goes way back in time. It is widely regarded that Numerology was widely used among Egyptians. The mathematician, Pythagoras, popularized what is known as modern Numerology. Who knew, he was an esteemed astrologist as well. 

Today, countries like Greece and Japan use numerology extensively to guide their lives. From the day you were born, Numerology reveals your personality based on your birth date. Even throughout your life, Numerology can continue to guide you based on your life path number.

There are a lot of things that Numerology readings can tell us. In this article, we’re going to talk about the meaning of the numbers, how to calculate it, and the Numerology forecast. 

How to calculate your life path number

Calculating your life path number is an easy feat. You simply add your date of birth up to form your life path number. For example, for a person born on October 17th, 1994, your life path number will be calculated like this:

1+7= 8 (date of birth)

1+0=1 (month of birth)


8+1+2+3= 14


So, this person’s life number is 5. 

Now, let’s look at the meanings of the life path numbers.

The Life Path Numbers in Numerology


There are 12 life path numbers that can be derived from your birthdate: 9 core numbers (1-9) and 3 master numbers (11, 22, 33). 

Each number in Numerology is assigned a different meaning in a different context, so it’s essential to know what these numbers mean. For instance, a 3 life path number is different from a normal 3 you encounter on the streets. The more you understand Numerology, the more you can use it to your advantage. 

Each number has its unique vibe that helps you orient yourself properly in the universe as well as provide a suitable timing for you to do things. When you submit your birthdate to a Numerologist, you’ll learn about your own personality as well as what the numbers truly mean.

Number One

This is the first number in the sequence. This is the number of leaders. This means you don’t follow people and tend to create an independent road for yourself. You assert yourself and would opt to go alone instead of working in a team. Career-wise, you thrive in leadership positions. People tend to view you as visionaries, given your influence in various fields like psychology and politics. 


Number Two

Since Number Two comes directly after One, it’s also a self-sufficient number. However, unlike Number Ones, Twos are more sensitive and partnership-oriented than Number Ones. If Ones are the stars of a movie, you’re the lovable sidekick who inspires at every turn. You’re a problem solver and you direct people to a healthier direction. It’s easy for you to make new friends on the go since you’re friendly and warm. 

Number Three

People who fall into this group have no problem when it comes to expressing their feelings. You know how to control your emotions well. Since you’re always looking for self-expression, you’re creative when you’re trying to find more ways to express yourself. Generally, Number Threes are extroverts that create close interpersonal relationships with people.

Number Four

Number Fours are practical people who believe in hard work. You understand that you have to work hard to achieve your dreams. You’re also highly organized. Some people think you’re rigid and cold, but you call yourself disciplined. You put your energy into building a solid foundation for other people. Because you’re so detail-oriented, you’re perfect in bookkeeping or administration.


Number Five

Number Fives are people who operate on the fly. You value freedom over anything else. You can adapt quickly and adjust to every situation easily. But freedom doesn’t mean being flighty. In cases of emergency situations, Number Fives can choose to be taken on a spontaneous trip by circumstances or to exercise their personal freedom to take the circumstances by the horns.

Number Six

The number Six is regarded as the perfect number. It’s about responsibility, security, and harmony. You’re deeply compassionate. That’s why you’re more focused on human relationships than material gains. Number Sixes gain their satisfaction through devoting their lives to their family. When it comes down to it, Number Sixes are great homemakers.

Number Seven

Number Sevens are the seekers of truth. You’re the combination of the exuberant creative energy of Threes and the mastery of practicality of Fours. You gravitate towards difficult to understand concepts and matters. Any research-based career is great for you since you’re a relentless intellect.

Number Eight    

You love building things that last. Perhaps that’s why you’re obsessed with goals. You love fulfilling goals that have lasting effects. Although many Eights end up in careers that have something to do with building, not all Eights end up in construction. Instead, some pursue leadership roles that make policies, so that their actions and their hard work pays off in the long run.

Number Nine

Number Nines are all about wisdom and responsibility. You want to serve humanity. You want to make the world a better place to live in. Leading by positive example is your motto in life. Your motto and goal in life also include being compassionate to people. Your high moral compass and talents to understand other people make you the humanitarian of all the numbers.


Master Numbers

Master numbers are considered to be the more intense versions of their root numbers (2 or 4 respectively). People who have master numbers tend to be in more stressful and high-pressure environments. That being said, master numbers also have a higher potential for learning, achievements, and success.

Number Eleven

Elevens is a sign of great power. As an Eleven, you’re highly intuitive and sensitive. You’re always the first person to notice the energy of the room. Your extreme ability to empathize and understand other people make you a popular person to be around. In addition to your affinity for other people’s feelings and emotions, you’re also idealistic and hardworking. You have big dreams, but you’re not afraid to put in the work.

Number Twenty-Two

Twenty-Two, or more commonly known as The Master Builder, is a number that is associated with making lofty dreams into reality. As a Master Builder, you’re filled to the brim with cooperative energy, ability, and discipline. You’re a dreamer, but you’re also practical. Your idealism isn’t built upon unrealistic expectations. You’re in touch with the universe to create an ideal world that everybody can stand behind.

Number Thirty-Three

Thirty-Three has always been said to be the perfect balance of the previous two master numbers (11+22=33). You’re deeply religious or spiritual and are often attuned to the universe. You’re never one to shy away from the calls of the universe. Instead, you embrace the teachings and spread them throughout the modern world. Because of this, you tend to be selfless and altruistic, as you see your life as a vessel to transmit positive energy that is difficult to master for some. 

Numerological forecasts

If you go to a reputable Numerologist, they might also provide a daily or monthly forecast that helps you guide your day or life. You can even download a mobile app that sends these predictions to you.


Having these insights are incredibly helpful to your life since numbers pop up everywhere in our modern society. Numbers in your life can open your eyes to opportunities that you might be oblivious to. Have you been noticing the number 2 around you? Then maybe it’s time to build or repair relationships with people you care about. Are you lost in life with no general sense of direction? Maybe take a closer look at your life path and see where it leads you.

All in all

Modern society might dismiss Numerology for mystical mumbo-jumbo. But for thousands of years, people have deemed Numerology useful enough to keep believing in. This is because people notice the signs and they act on it. 

A key part of Numerology is to not resign to your fate but to embrace it. Although it’s written in the numbers, it doesn’t mean you have to passively accept what it tells you. More often than not, life path numbers and random numbers that pop up around you present a sign and guidance. You alone must take charge of your destiny by harnessing your strengths and making up for your weaknesses. 

Like every personality assessment, Numerology doesn’t define who you are. Rather, it predicts who you are as a person based on centuries of research and data. You might not completely fit into a life path number and that’s okay. But if you need a sense of mission and purpose, your life path number is a good place to start. 

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