Best Baby Names According to Numerology

Baby names are one of the most exciting but difficult things to do when you find out that you’re expecting. It wouldn’t do to frivolously name your child since the name follows him or her throughout his or her life.

Do you know that all names carry a deeper and more significant meaning? According to Numerology, names are connected to numbers in Numerology that leads to different meanings. Different names correspond to different life paths. Naming your baby according to their life paths help ensure a smoother journey through life. It doesn’t mean you’ll change the fate of your child if you don’t name them according to their life paths, but it may make life more difficult for them because their name doesn’t suit them.

What Is Numerology?

Numerology is a belief system that has been around for many centuries. It’s tied to the number system. The fundamental belief of Numerology is that numbers play a significant role in our lives. 


There are many benefits to gain if we analyze the numbers in our lives correctly. Not only are we able to know ourselves better through our numbers, but we will also learn to pinpoint our strengths and weaknesses. Life paths are also an important feature in Numerology. Knowing our life paths will allow us to predict challenges and significant moments in our lives. This knowledge helps prepare us mentally and physically for trials and tribulations to come.

Name numbers

Numerologists believe that the number associated with the title of a person reveals a person’s fate. Each name carries a strong and unique vibration that could shape the personality of your child. 

Each alphabet represents a number. You need to work out all the numbers associated with the letters in the name and add them up. The name of your child would determine their future, and subsequently the fulfillment of their destiny. If the numbers of your child’s name don’t suit them, they might find themselves incomplete or having to wrestle with themselves all the time. 

Giving your baby a name with the name number that best suits them is a way to give your child a head start in life. In this article, we’ve gathered some of the best baby names that correspond with your child’s life.  

Number 1: Independence

Best boy name- Zachary

Best girl name- Eva

Children with the number 1 life path are very determined and independent. It makes them tough to raise when they are toddlers because they are so headstrong.  

To make up for their stubbornness, they are creative and charismatic. People with this name number demonstrates great potential in finance and accomplishments in their lives. As a parent, you might find your number one child to be the eventual pride and joy of your life. Number one children stand out for their talent from a young age. You might even find them the boss of the kindergarten because of their strong, innate leadership qualities!  

Number 2: Relaxed

Best boy name: Joshua

Best girl name: Aria

Children associated with number two are cooperative and easy-going. They prefer a quiet lifestyle growing up and they naturally hate conflicts. However, because they are so conflict-averse, they tend to have a stable life with minimal friction. 


They don’t get excited over a particular reason or are particularly ambitious. However, they excel in mediation, teamwork, and working towards the greater good. They tend to be kind and generous as well. As a parent of a child with the name number two, you might find your child’s friendliness to be one of the greatest qualities of their lives.  

Number 3: Vivacious

Best boy name- James

Best girl name- Charlotte

This name number brings a lot of energy with tons of excitement. Babies with this name number love being in the limelight and the center of attention. They crave praise from everyone, which might make them difficult children to raise if you are a busy parent. To make up for this, they are extremely sociable and have infectious energy. You never have to worry about their lack of friends because people naturally follow their positive energy. 

Children with this name number will stay active and will always strive to succeed in everything they do. For example, if your child is learning the piano and maths at the same time, he or she will ensure that they do the best with both these skills. Number threes are also experts in aligning their personal goals with career goals. They show great promise as creators because of their boundless creativity. 

Number 4: Attentive

Best boy name- Rory

Best girl name- Lola or Emilia

Number fours are thinkers. They make sure to think things through before making a decision. Babies with this name number will carefully decide what they like to eat or which toys to play with. Their indecision might make it difficult to help them discover what they like best. 

But when they do figure things out, their cautious and careful nature makes for a stable beacon of light in the face of chaos. You never have to worry about their head when they are faced with adversity. They will analyze everything logically and make a decision that works best for the situation. Later in life, they might even make a great researcher, given their affinity for logic and order.  

Number 5: Intrepid

Best boy name- Lewis

Best girl name- Amelia

Children with this name number are intrepid travelers. They are all about adventure and exploration. Lewises and Amelias tend to be daring with little care for danger. They love traveling and meeting new people. 


Most children with the name number five are extroverts. How could they not be when they love trying new experiences so much. Their brilliance, energy, and love of freedom are sure to shift your perspective towards the world as well. Because of their need to be stimulated, you might have to come up with different activities to keep them from getting bored. 

Number 6: Supportive

Best boy name- Freddie

Best girl name- Florence

Like twos, sixes love to give support and aid people in need. Because of their nurturing and sympathetic nature, they make great friends. They might even grow up to be advocates of the weak because they just couldn’t bear to see other people being oppressed. 

Babies with name number six also have a high tendency to settle for family life. This is because of their innate ability and tendency to care for others. When it comes down to it, people with name number six thrive when they build up their family life. 

Number 7: Dreamer

Best boy name- William

Best girl name- Chloe

People with the number 7 names are often intellectuals. They are curious and are often the mastermind behind bright ideas. Their thirst for knowledge fuels their inquisitiveness. They are often able to link abstract ideas to concrete information. 

Because of their relentless pursuit of information, they might grow up to be excellent scientists or researchers. However, they also tend to go their way and work things out independently. As a parent, you have to give them a valid reason for them to do the things you want. 

Number 8: Determined

Best boy name- Finley

Best girl name- Scarlett

Babies with the name number eight are energetic and determined. They try to improve their lives with self-improvement and strength. With their resilience, they can overcome any problem if they set their minds to it. 


Finleys and Scarletts are also practical plan executors. No matter what their plans are, they will always plan accordingly so that their plans work out. Because of their ambition and confidence, they will end up to be people who impact everyone around them. 

Number 9: Artistic

Best boy name- Daniel

Best girl name- Sophie

People with the name number nine are creative. They are humane and selfless, which might explain why people with this name number tend to use their many talents to make people happy. 

They are carefree and love going to new places to meet new people. This coupled with their compassion and compassion make them the best catalyst for positive change in the world.  

Number 11: Spiritual

Best boy name- Charlie or Max

Best girl name- Evelyn

Number 11 is the first master number of Numerology, so it makes sense that people with name number 11 are great leaders. You can often find them following the call of the universe and their life path as they are highly spiritual. 

Because of their idealism and vision, they can quickly rise to the top with anything they do. Besides, their ability to influence makes them one of the most inspiring people in the world. 

Number 22: Visionary

Best boy name- Nathan

Best girl name- Megan

Number 22 is known as the “master builder”. They have plenty of fresh ideas that are practical and easy to carry out. They have an inbuilt understanding of the world, which makes them great problem solvers.  


You might find yourself wrapped around the finger of your number 22 child if you’re not careful. His or her magnetism makes him or her convincing and persuasive. If they use their talents for good, they would stand out throughout their entire life.  

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