How Numerology and Enneagram Change Your Life For The Better

Numerology and Enneagram are both tools that can be used to improve our lives. But how exactly do they affect our lives?

What is Numerology?

Numerology is an ancient study of how numbers affect events in the history of mankind. Its embroiled in controversy since a lot of people are skeptical because of its divine and somewhat paranormal nature. 

Unbeknownst to many, mathematician, Pythagoras is also an astrologer who popularized what we believe as modern Numerology. Numbers aren’t simply mathematical value. Instead, it represents your life path. For example, your date of birth is linked to your attitudes, career, and interpersonal relationships. Numerology affects your life, down to the very last number.

Path of Life

Numerology is deeply connected to your way of life. It’s the essence that guides you to what you’re ultimately about. The adversities, opportunities, and lessons during your life span are determined by your life path number.


Your life path number also represents a key part of your personality. Your personality, much like your birth date, is the very essence of your being. The numerological number on the day of your birth determines who you are as a person. This affects how you act when you’re around people or how you’re perceived by other people. People that have conflicting personality numbers often have trouble bonding with each other.

How Does Numerology Affect Your Life?


Numerology is also a tool to help you find a career that is compatible with your unique being. There are different jobs and careers, but it takes a lot of time to find one that is truly you. For example, if you’re an 8, you’ll find it difficult to become a dancer or a freelance comic artist because you need high financial security. If you’re a 3, you’d feel great as an actor instead of slaving in accounting. If you get a correct read on your life path number, you’ll eventually go into a career that you’d enjoy and love. 

Interpersonal Relationship

We’re not running short on people to meet when dating in modern society. Instead of meeting people from the same community as our parents used to do, we now have access to people that we’d never have had the opportunity to talk to without modern technology. Because of this, sometimes we get so enamored, we forget that they are essentially incompatible with us. 


People suffer when they are in a relationship with someone incompatible. Heartbreaks, breakups, separations, and divorces are just some of the things that come out of it. Using numerology can help individuals understand the other person a bit more to see if you’re compatible with each other. By doing so, you reduce the chances of you going through another breakup that feels like the depths of hell.


Enneagram, on the other hand, is a psychometric assessment of who you are. Although like Numerology, your personality is determined from the day you were born, Enneagram covers behaviors that you’d exhibit throughout your life, including when you’re stressed out, when you’re growing spiritually and the subtle differences in your type as a result of your wings



Like Numerology, different Enneagram types are happy with different career paths. For example, a caring and helpful Type 2 would be happiest in a service-oriented career path like being an environmentalist or social worker. But that doesn’t mean that they are completely devastated if they had to work in an individualistic environment. Their helpful attributes would still show in different ways. For example, they might offer to help more often than other types or do something nice for everyone once in a while. 

Personal Growth

Enneagram is a great advocate for personal growth. It constantly stresses on our levels of development – as in the direction we grow or disintegrate. If we’re aware of the behavior patterns we exhibit when we’re stressed out, Enneagram suggests that we change that behavior or channel it towards a healthier way. 

When we learn the harmful behaviors of our Enneagram type, we learn how we sabotage ourselves in the journey of becoming our best selves. Learning Enneagram allows us to open up and respond differently to things that might be our trigger. It functions as a roadmap that leads us to fulfill our potential; to make us the best person we can be. It helps us get rid of bad habits that are stopping us from becoming our true self.

All Enneagram types are lead by their core emotions – anger, shame, and fear. These basic emotions fuel our subconscious actions. Despite having the same core emotions, they don’t manifest the same way. For example, Ones channel their anger towards the world when things are not ideal, and Eights channel their anger to protect their vulnerability. 


Depending on your level of health, these core emotions can either aid or destroy your interpersonal relationships with other people. When Ones are healthy, for example, they use their anger to make life better for other people. When they are unhealthy, they unleash their anger by blaming other people for how imperfect everything is. Needless to say, interpersonal relationships are bound to be harmed when you release your negative emotions on to them. 

Understanding Enneagram types also help you communicate better with people of other types. For example, Fours tend to talk in emotions and they are not afraid to open up. If you talk to them in a logical and rational way, they aren’t likely to absorb it. So to make your interpersonal relationships better, you can try communicating with each Enneagram type in their preferred mode of communication.

All in all

Numerology and Enneagram are simply tools that help us evaluate and improve our lives. They affect our lives to a certain extent, and they are invaluable tools to help us give our lives a boost. But at the end of the day, we alone are the masters of our fate. Keeping an open mind and an objective eye along with the guidelines given by both these tools would help us grow into beautiful human beings are successful and happy.

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